Make Your Voice Count – REGISTER!

Home page of helps voters register.

Between the two national conventions, I think this country is in for a wonderful election experience.  Most of my friends and family have solidified their thoughts on who they want to be president, so the jabs, jokes, and justifications on Facebook and throughout emails has started.

I think that if Daisy were real, she’d probably be involved in her elections with more than just an opinion.  As a retired school teacher, she would know how important each election is, and how voting isn’t just a right, but a responsibility of being a good citizen in this country.  My own mom used to say that if you don’t bother to vote, then don’t bother to complain about who’s in office.  And even though I suspect that mom waited for dad to tell her who and what to vote for, she knew that active involvement by every person who can, is one of the most important things we can do to help our community remain strong.

Now, there are those cynics among us who say their vote doesn’t matter.  Individuals who feel alone in this vast community of 300 million. Hogwash!  If you want to make a difference, the only person stopping you is you.  Both conventions showed us individuals who overcame struggles with money, with health, with discrimination to make a difference.

When I was little, I used to think all the changes possible, all the inventions in the world were done.  Everything was stable and immovable.

Then women started burning bras and saying that homemaking shouldn’t be the only career path for them.  African Americans gained stature with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Young people being forced off to war at 18, decided it was time to be treated like adults and move the voting age down from 21. We have tackled difficult social and economic issues throughout my life and I know now that the two constants in life are change or death (even taxes have fluctuations).  I prefer change.

And with each election outcome seemingly closer and closer, you must know that your vote matters.  Whether you and your significant other are on the same or different sides in an election, vote!

Today, each state has its own regulations for registering.  But more and more, election commissioners and secretaries of state are trying to make the process easier for the individual.  Take advantage of this. Register.  The process usually only takes a minute or two, and you still have a few weeks left.

Look, voting isn’t like a visit to the doctor.  It isn’t traumatic.  You register. Check. You mail in or go to a voting booth. Check. In the booth, with the curtain drawn, you choose who you want for what position. Yes, there will be amendments to state constitutions, or positions you have no idea about.  Feel free to leave those blank. Or vote by the political party you support. It’s an easy, guilt free and proud-of-myself activity.

The only thing that will stop you is if you don’t register.  So go to, or to your secretary of state website and get the process going now.  Use your voice to make a difference–to you. You deserve it.

Here’s a poll — how many of you:

  • Have already registered and are glued to the political talking heads on TV?
  • Have registered, but are taking your time to decide how you’ll vote in November?
  • Want to register but don’t know how?
  • Haven’t registered, don’t plan to, and will complain about who’s in office next year?

You can do this!  This is what a republic is all about.

Have a great day.