Writing To Take a Back Seat–For Now

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some hints that changes to my writing visions are necessary:

Five Star is no longer going to accept submissions for mysteries, and I’ll need to revisit the long list of great publishers who do work in the mystery area.  I need to see who they target as readers, what style of mystery they prefer (cozy, amateur sleuth, soft boiled, hard boiled, noir, etc.), and whether or not they accept un-agented submissions.

I need to decide if I’m going to look for an agent or keep submitting on my own. Agents can be a true boon to a writer’s career, and signing with a good agent can be as challenging as finding a good publisher.

And then there has been a lack of true productivity on Pot Shots, the third Daisy Mystery.  I have a few chapters, but by now I should be in a writing rhythm and I’m not.  I’ve kept up with this blog and my writing commitment for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ blog, but haven’t sent enough article and story queries to other publications.

Next, I’ve received some constructive but unflattering feedback on this website.  In short, I’ve meandered through each week with a personal journal more than a writer’s focus in my blog, my pages are sadly out of date, and my graphics need a more updated look and feel. Ouch! Most of all, from the blog, it’s difficult to tell who I’m writing to.  Even when writing in first person, it’s important to have a specific reader (or persona) in mind.  You need to write for the person most likely to buy your next book. This requires research and that requires asking tough questions.

Lastly, I have a new job. Whoo hoo!  It is a great job, and I’m excited to get going on it.  But anytime you change companies or positions, you need to focus on that position for the first month or two as you experience that “drinking from the fire hose” feeling.

Conclusion–I need to re-group my thinking and writing plans.  I’m going to take a couple of months to do this.  During that time, here’s what you can expect:

  • 6 For 60 updates — I’ll keep you posted on my 6 goals for turning 60
  • Updates to this website, but no real blog posts
  • More engagement on social media–I have a Facebook page, am on Goodreads, and have a Twitter account. My goal is to become more social and get into better habits with these great site.

Thank you for hanging in with me during this transition, and I’ll look forward to posting again in April.

Have a wonderful, creative time while I’m on sabbatical.

6 for 60

Facebook likes = THANK YOU FRIENDS – I’m up to 14 likes.
Tweets = 3 tweets since I started counting. Need to figure this one out!
Reviews = No change–Do you know anybody who likes to read and write reviews?
Pages/word count=2,000 on January 13, now I have about 2,250 (oops! need to produce a lot more than this!)
Read 60 books by December 31= Still reading Miss Marple – and I’ve also started Vince Flynn’s American Assassin: A Thriller.
Birthday outfit=A friend suggested I search for “custom clothes, Denver”–more opportunities, but nothing just yet.