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Before I begin my post today, thank you to everyone who commented on Letizia’s copyright page post last week. I am overwhelmed. It was wonderful to welcome so many great readers to this site, and I hope you’ll return often. But onward in the adventures of an aspiring writer . . .

Most of my life is spent working in the foundational levels of Maslow’s hierarchical needs, so, for me, it is a real treat to visit museums, zoos and other public places that nurture the mind as well as the body.

Chihuly InformationThis past weekend my wonderful niece treated me with a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens, spending an afternoon in “girl time” amongst wonderful plantings, themed gardens and the world-renouned Dale Chihuly traveling art collection.

Wow! Up close or far away these sculptures demand attention. They capture sunlight in glistening reflections, they glow with bright colors, and they make you wonder exactly how you could go about making something like that.  Did I say Wow? These sculptures were amazing.

Picture of Perennial Fiori by Chihuli

Felt like I was walking amongst Truffula Trees.

One of the more common phrases I caught while walking about was that the sculptures reminded people of Dr. Seuss books.  As he’s still one of my favorite authors, I tend to agree, and think the creatives are the two poles that span a very strong magnet . . .

I don’t know how Mr. Chihuly would feel about being compared to a children’s book author.  He has a very serious background with honors and distinctions that go back to 1968 when he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship that allowed him to travel to Italy to study glassworks there. He incorporated his experience in team glass blowing into the work he’s continued through today, and co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington.

Monet Pool Fiori

And to think that I saw it at Denver Botanic Gardens

Theodor Geisel, on the other hand, had his first book rejected 27 times before he happened to bump into a friend who’d just become the editor of the children’s section of a publishing house. Mr. Geisel told his friend he was ready to give up.  Thank goodness the friend asked to have a look at To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.

I wonder if Mr. Chihuly ever read that book?

Picture of My niece with Blue and Purple Boat

My niece with Blue and Purple Boat

9 thoughts on “Travels with Chihuly

  1. I looked at your photos before reading your post and thought to myself,”It looks like a Dr. Seuss Botanical Garden!” and then you mentioned just that, haha! I love visiting Botanical Gardens when traveling (my favorite so far has been the one in Edinburgh). The one is Denver seems worthy of a visit- lucky you.

    • Ha! Ha! Ha! I love your reaction, Letizia! It’s harder for me to visit gardens when we travel as they are not in my special guy’s interest. BUT he did take me to Kew Gardens once, and I loved it. Denver has three great garden collections: Denver Botanic has over 50 gardens, then the Hudson Gardens has another wonderful collection and then there’s the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (haven’t managed to get to those yet). Maybe if you ever come to Denver, we can explore together. Thanks for visiting today.

  2. Okay I’m jealous! That’s wonderful you got to see what looks and sounds to be a to-quality art collection by Dale Chihuly! Also, I have to add that I am so glad you featured Letizia on that other post and that it was so well received! I found your blog through that post and I am happy about meeting you!

    • Hi Christy, and thanks! The Chihuly collection was a blast, but I have to say I enjoyed visiting with my niece as much. And as to Letizia? She has grown to be a friend through this blog. I had no idea she would spark so many visits to my sites. Thanks so much for staying with me. Please let me know what other post subjects you might like to see. Love your poetry BTW.

      • Hmmm what posts to read… let’s see… 🙂 You could write short stories, have more pet adventures and even take a photo around your town and then write about it (or use it as a prompt to write something creative!). So many options! I am happy to connect with you too and wishing you a great rest of your day, Liesa!

    • Hi Luanne,
      Great to hear from you! Aren’t you the lucky one, getting to see those other shows! I have a sister who is a dolcent at Meijers Gardens in Michigan, and there is a permanent collection of his work there. I hadn’t even heard of him until this past summer. Makes you think–why are the biggest artists and writers not more like movie stars and football players? Wishing you well.

      • Oh my. My family and friends in Michigan saw the exhibit at Meijer Gardens. Grand Rapids is so close to Kalamazoo where I’m from.

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