Daisy Update – Visiting Friends

They say that public speaking is a terror for many people.  If you’re an author and have any desire for financial success, best get over that fear as quickly as you can.  In the next few weeks, I’m going to work on this with Daisy Arthur promotions. . .

Lindsay Woods with Liesa Malik at KRFC radio

Thanks, Lindsay Woods, for a great radio show!


Last night I had a blast being interviewed by my good friend, Lindsay Woods on a local radio station called KRFC 88.9 FM.  With such a generous questioner, I couldn’t help but relax and get into the topics we covered, including getting started in writing, promoting your book, and, of course, a little Sliced Veggie talk.  I hope to post the recording in a few weeks as I continue to update my website. As they say in “the biz,” stay tuned!

Beyond the Trope logo

See you soon Trope friends!


I’m very excited to be making my first podcast appearance soon.  This Saturday I’ll record a session with Giles Hash and his team from Beyond the Trope, a group of people focused on deep discussions on genre fiction and popular art and culture.  We’ll record via Skype (something I haven’t used very much, but am excited about), and then November 17, the podcast will become available if you go to I-Tunes and look it up by either my name or Beyond the Trope.

What’s a trope you say? A trope is the figurative use of language to quickly convey a general meaning.  I personally think of it as a short-cut to an image.  For example, if I say, “He was a real Prince Charming,” you have an image immediately of what I’m shooting for in our communication.  And no, I did not say “Prince Charming” sarcastically.

Bouchercon logo

Next week should be fun!


Are you going to be in Raleigh next week?  I will.  The annual crime readers and writer’s convention, Bouchercon, will be held there.  And guess what–I’ll be on a panel!  As there are 2,000 or more people coming to this event, I better NOT play shy on this opportunity.  No, I won’t speak in front of all 2,000, but I have to guess the panel will have 40 or 50 people in the audience.  How cool is that?


Remember how I did a workshop for RMFW’s CO Gold conference?  Turns out that workshop went well enough that I’ll be able to expand on it for a group of RMFW writers who live on the Western Slope of Colorado.  On November 14, if you’re in the Grand Junction area, please check out the program and come in for a visit.  We’ll be talking about building your reputation as an author with specifics on self-promotions and general marketing of your books.

Whew!  Too shy to get up in front of a group?  I’d better not be at this point!

Wishing you a confident week.

Becoming a Productive Writer/Public Speaker

I had planned to talk with you today about becoming a more productive writer, but need to update my regular reading friends on “Daisy News” first.

Beth Groundwater siteWhoo Hoo!  My very first guest blog is today!  If you have time for a quick step over to author  Beth Groundwater’s site and blog, you could possibly win a copy of my book.  And if you have a blog you’d like a guest post on, please let me know.

Book sales have been going well according to my publisher, and I’m closing in on 2000 copies sold!  This is, of course, before returns, but I currently have visions of grandeur.  I hope those who  read Faith on the Rocks will enjoy it and spread the word that this makes a good, light read at the beach or on the back deck.

Tuesday Talk Show

Looking forward to chatting with Lindsay Woods.

I’m really looking forward to my first radio interview on Tuesday, July 30!  Back in college, I tried working on a radio show for my dormitory at Michigan State University.  Talk about disaster!  I was too afraid to actually talk on air, so I just kept playing music on the record player and, believe me, I have no taste in music worth sharing!  Had to try at least.

Anyway, the host of Ft. Collins based KRFC 88.9FM The Tuesday Talk Show is Lindsay Woods.  We met through ballroom dance here in Colorado, but found we both grew up in the same area of Michigan.  Lindsay is a vibrant personality and wonderfully fun person to be around, so I’m sure she’ll help me overcome my Michigan State background to talk about my book.  Hope you can join us.  If you can, please let me know and I’ll send you a call-in telephone number for your questions or comments. For those not in the Ft. Collins area, my friend, John, found this link: http://radioradio7.com/radio/KRFC-889-FM-Fort-Collins-CO.html 

Now, as we’re on the shameless self-promotion part of this blog, I do want to thank everyone who came to my book signings this weekend.  Mike Befeler was a complete hero at Broadway Book Mall, helping me through my first effort.  I was able to see some friends at the signing both from my fantastic critique group and people who I haven’t connected with in a few years.  What a thrill.  And Mary Ann, one of my best friends, even brought me a rose from her garden to mark the event.

On Sunday, my fantastic ballroom dance friends and a couple of great neighbors attended a private party where I had the spotlight all to myself.  I tell you, it’s a wonder I can still get my head through the front door!

At this point, book signings and appearances are all about selling books.  The average book signing results in about 8 books sold, and that’s where I sit today.  I could use your help, though.  If you have any places you think I could do signings (shops that also happen to sell books, places that are focused on Littleton, Pets, Special Needs People, or mysteries) please let me know.  I’d love to do a signing or talk in your area.  Of course, I’m limited on travel budget–ie I have none, but I can do podcasts and connect to you through  other media.

Now the hard part of being a writer kicks in.  Sales is party time, but without product, sales don’t exist.  I love Faith on the Rocks, but Sliced Vegetarian needs work.  So how do you balance between writing and promotion?  I’m not sure, but plan to try.

In that effort, I’m reading The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen.  Her book is jam-packed with exercises and other organizational things to keep you writing.  I particularly like in Chapter One how she has you set up a group of files in an effort to “make a case” for your writing future, and asks you to study your author heroes.  I also like how she calls us who write People of Letters.  It sounds so noble when drawn out like this.

So, here’s a thought for you today: pick an author and research her.  Find out how she got started in the writing profession, what other work he’s done besides the books you’ve read, what kind of writing life he or she leads.  Is there something in your hero’s work style that you might emulate?  We’re not looking to become the flamboyant Thomas Wolfe or suicidal Ernest Hemingway here.  Just find out how they wrote and ask yourself if their habits might become your own.

Good luck, and happy writing!