More Shameless Self-Promo Work: Let’s Party!

Do you remember the movies where authors were big celebrities and were constantly at New York parties?  Have you ever been to a book launch at a book store?  The two events seem widely different.  The world of writing fiction is much different than all the glamour of the movies, and that can be a big disappointment–IF you’re a roll with the flow kind of person. Me? I want, and therefore am willing, to make good things happen.  And so are my writing friends.

So . . . 

pic of book launch cakeInstead of quietly launching our books to the same friends we drag with us to every writing event, we decided to join forces and increase the size of our book launches by each of the four of us inviting 10 friends to not a book launch, but a baby book shower.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a blast and our guests said they had fun too.  Here’s what happened:


Planning . . .

Back in May we began planning the event.  We designed an invitation to have pictures of our covers and a baby umbrella to boot.  We didn’t mention anything about selling or reading or signing our books.  This was designed as a day to thank our readers and friends who promote and support us.

Playing . . .

And then, on Saturday, Christine Goff, Catherine Dilts, and Pat Coleman each brought a baby shower game that they’d tweaked to be more in line with mystery/suspense writing to the event.  We had food, soft drinks and great attitudes to pull this off.  Thirty-five friends and well-wishers came.  No one knew everyone, but everyone knew we were all there because we love books.  How cool is that?

Word search at the partyPat Coleman led the way with a word search filled with words from each of our books.  The prize winner received copies of each author’s book and some tea and other tea-related items, because Pat’s new book is called Tea and Treachery. Yummy little mystery.

Catherine Dilts had us trying to cover ourselves up, by earning patches of cloth for bathing suits of the 1920’s.  You see, Agatha Christy was launching The Mysterious Affair at Styles in 1920 and our guests were invited to the beach party she was having.  Can you answer some of these questions:

  • Do you ever read more than one book at a time?
  • Have you given a book as a gift this year?
  • How much (in pounds) was Agatha paid for her Styles book?

Catherine’s book, Stone Cold Case, is the second in her Rock Shop Mystery series, and she gave away a very cool ammonite with our books.

Thanks for all the help!

We couldn’t have done this without the help of our friends!

Christine Goff, who is branching out into a new, thriller/mystery realm, wrote Dark Waters from the memory of visiting the middle east several years ago.  Lee Child wrote on her cover, that this book is “altogether terrific.” Wow.

Chris had us all on a scavenger hunt around my house, looking for middle eastern and thriller/suspense objects.  She even had one person wear one of the objects. And the winner of this game received a garden water and rain gauge inside their basket of books.

Lastly, I had people try to solve a mystery by looking at a “crime scene.”  I’m attaching my photos of the doll house I set this up in so that you can try your hand at solving this:

  • Who is the victim?

    dollhouse murder scene

    Who done it?

  • How were they killed?
  • What did the victim collect?
  • What other hobby did they enjoy?
  • Who is the prime suspect & why?
  • Who the heck decorated the house? (Okay, this was a freebie–except that no one would take credit for that house’s decor!)

If you want the answers to these questions, let me know and I’ll send them along.

THANK YOU to all my wonderful hosts, guests, and reading friends for helping to make this book launch a huge success.

Now, let’s hope the sales will follow.

Wishing you a great and creative week.

5 thoughts on “More Shameless Self-Promo Work: Let’s Party!

  1. Hah, of course, I LOVE the doll house! How clever! Four friends who all have same genre books to launch at the same time??? I can’t even imagine the blessings within that.

    • Hi Luanne,
      I only wish you lived in my area–I’d have invited you to come, for sure! And yes, having these three authors as my writing friends is truly a blessing in my life.
      Wishing you well always,

  2. It was a great time! Thanks for opening your house. I recommend the idea to others. It was fun to meet new people and share the books.

    • Thanks, Chris. You rock! And I can hardly wait to read Dark Waters. It sounds fantastic.

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