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Hello Book Club Member,
I so admire you and your engagement with literature.  Thanks for stopping by here.  Just for you, I’ve created some materials I hope will help in your next meeting.  If I can help more, please let me know.
Happy reading!


1. Daisy is a retired special education teacher.  Have you had experiences with developmentally delayed children?  What do you see as their potential in being contributing members of society?
2. Thunder is “just an exuberant pup” according to Chip McPherson, but a large dog is an equally large responsibility.  What experiences do you have with pet-sitting and dog care? Do you have any training tips? What’s the most annoying thing about people who own, but don’t properly care for a dog?
3. Father John Wright told Daisy he thinks that people can be temporary angels.  What do you think? Have you experienced any angel moments in your life?
4. Daisy is not a very brave person, but as a budding writer she needs to embrace conflict to move her stories along.  How do you feel about conflict? If you were facing a person you suspected of murder what would you do?


I’ve been living in Littleton, Colorado since 1996.  This suburb of Denver doesn’t post a population on its welcome signs, but its altitude, which is about 5300 feet.  If you visit from a low-lying area of the country please remember to drink lots of water and go easy on the alcohol.  Altitude sickness can be a real vacation show stopper!

In August each year we have a Western Welcome Week, an old-fashioned celebration of life in our part of the country.  Hope you can come!

While you’re here, be sure to take a stroll down Main Street.  Many of our buildings boast historic architecture of the old west, as Littleton was incorporated in the mid 1800s.  I particularly like Three Chimneys Natural Surroundings, a gift shop at the corner of Santa Fe (Highway 85) and Main Street.

Want to know more? Please contact me.  I’ll be happy to answer your Littleton questions to the best of my capability.

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