Hello! Are You Still There?

Photo of headphone in ear

Amazing technology lets us all look a little crazy ūüôā

Ever get the feeling you’re talking to yourself? ¬†That used to be considered a bad thing. ¬†Now-a-days, with Star Trek kind of technologies, people run around tapping their ears and talking all the time to heaven only knows who. ¬†Now, whenever I’m in the mood, I can just put a hand to my ear and start talking. ¬†I don’t get the smallest of questioning looks. ¬†Imagine what I can get away with:

“You’re so ugly the swamp monster runs away in fear of you.” ¬†The person in the torn up jeans, the ones that hang well below his¬†plumber’s butt crack, keeps right on walking.

“Will you please tell me what IS that exercise you’re doing?” The woman who weaves from side to side on the sidewalk, waving her hands over her head as if swatting the world away just keeps toddling on. ¬†I think she’s loopy-looking, but I bet she’s healthier than I.

Bueno sera. Come sta?” ¬†Oops. That’s me, studying my Italian lessons, and talking to my phone–honest, I am.

Still, writing to you “out there,” I’m never really sure anymore if my posts are being read or if I’ve truly joined the ranks of those who talk to themselves. ¬†Recently, I took the¬†training wheels off my website and switched over to the self-hosted version of WordPress. ¬†Since then, I have only had one or two comments. ¬†My blog posts don’t automatically zoom out to¬†Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter anymore. ¬†There is no clear little checkbox on the admin side of my site to click to auto-send out to the world. Yikes!

If you’re reading this and want to be my reading angel, will you please drop me a note to let me know how you received this weekly letter? ¬†And if you’re feeling particularly chatty, I’d really appreciate what it is you’d like to read about on this blog. ¬†What would make you keep coming back to this aspiring writer who has so little writing news?

Thanks for your help. Oh! and if you comment, I promise, I’ll be listening. ¬†You won’t be talking to yourself. ¬†Really.


My Computer Ate My Post

Oh my gosh! ¬†I just spent an hour writing this week’s blog post. ¬†Then, as usual, I tried to add a photo. ¬†Went to “Add Media,” then “upload file,” and selected the photo I wanted. ¬†This is what I’ve been doing every week for over two years.

The photo that killed my original blog post.

The photo that killed my original blog post.

This week, I got the message, “ERROR IN UPLOADING YOUR FILE–try again later.” Weird. ¬†I tried again. And again. Hmm. ¬†Maybe I should try later. What can I do while I wait? ¬†I’ll check my messages.

Oops. Another error. ¬†I forgot to save my post before trying to move off the page. ¬†No problem, I’ve done this before. I stayed on the page and pressed the “save draft” button. Happily, I went and deleted all my spam messages.

Then I receive a message that said, “Askmet needs input in order to filter your spam better” or something to that effect. ¬†I clicked on the message only to be asked for an API permission code. ¬†I have no idea what that is.

Clicked off of that and returned to this posting space, thinking I’d try uploading my picture again.

When I got to my post–poof! ¬†It was gone! ¬†I had one, mediocre, first sentence. ¬†OMG!! ¬†I haven’t had that happen before. ¬†I checked my clock. ¬†7:32. ¬†Eek! I have a client appt at 9:00 and no time to re-create the post I wrote this morning.

And the irony? ¬†The original post was titled, “Am I a technophobe?”

No, Prophet didn’t eat my homework, my computer did.

Sorry friends. The week just has to get better from here.  Happy reading.

PS — Next week is National Library Week. I’ll look forward to sharing stories with you then.