Off to Jury Duty

I believe in jury duty–really, I do.  But really?  Today?  This week?

I’m prepping for Colorado Gold!  I truly, truly didn’t need this summons.

Image of Jury Summons

Nooooo! Not this week, please!

Yes, I received the notice a month ago.  I replied in writing (which is what they asked us to do) that this was not a great week for me.  No response.

Jury duty is an opportunity for every citizen to participate in the operation of his or her government.  Yep.  I got all that. But I have two workshops to prepare for. And I’m behind. May not be your problem, but I haven’t been goofing off.  Promise. And this is my first chance to present at Colorado Gold.

I sent a follow-up email. No response.

Jury duty could help me write courtroom scenes in my books better.  I could sit around and write character sketches for some future novels, or do what they suggest–bring reading materials (I guess they haven’t read the stat that says 82% of the adults in this country read one book or less for entertainment each year). Luckily, there are always reading materials I could bring. Better find my brief case.

I have a  panel discussion moderator role that I need to prepare for.  Can’t the jury thing wait?

I visited a courtroom closer to home to ask what I could do.  “Honesty is the best policy,” said the clerk behind the counter. “Try that if they call you.”  Like I’m going to lie about this?

And if they call me. I have to drive 30 minutes each way to cover the “if they call me” contingency.  That’s one hour I don’t have to waste on the road.  Plus whatever time they keep me for. There’s so much to do before Friday. I have some awards to hand out this year.

I called tonight (yep, you’re supposed to call the night before you appear to see if you have to go in).  Can’t check a few days early. Can’t do anything but look unreliable to people who are counting on you.  The recording said juror numbers 2641 through 3090 had to report. You guessed it. My juror number is in that range.

I went on-line.  Yep, I have to report.  There were no exemptions this time around. Tomorrow morning, during rush hour, going in the moving parking lot they call C-470, yours truly will be heading to jury duty.

And the irony? This is what’s printed on the form in bold lettering:

“Colorado law makes jury service as convenient as possible for the majority of our citizens.” 

I suspect I now understand how people feel when meeting the Grim Reaper.

Hope you have a legally fun week. Now, where did I put that copy of Twelve Angry Men?

PS.  I’m writing this Tuesday evening so I can be in that traffic tomorrow morning.