Open For Business – My Book Signing Table Is Here

Kirt Hickman gave a great talk on book signings during the last Colorado Gold Writer’s conference.  He seems quite successful in his business of writing books, and was well worth listening too.

Proph & Nalla with my book signing table

My story co-stars testing out my new book signing table

During the course of his talk, Kirt spent a good deal of time on the subject of setting up a book signing table.  Who’d have thought authors would be responsible for such a thing?  I mean, wouldn’t it be logical that you go to a bookstore, they give you one of those wonderful displays you see on television, and away you go?  Isn’t your only worry supposed to be writer’s cramp as thousands of admirers line up for your signature?  That’s the way I saw it on “Murder, She Wrote,” at any rate.  Ah.  The magic of television!

Author supplies for signings

Actually, authors are responsible for a lot of their own self-promotion.  If you’re shy, unconfident, or otherwise inclined to want to hide-away in your attic writing book after book, chances are you will be a starving artist.  Sad but true.  It was good that Emily Dickenson had another source of income.  If she’d lived in our time there may never have been published a book of her wonderful poems.  We’d never have heard, “I’m nobody, who are you?”

So, I’ve invested in a book-signing table.  It took a while, but thanks to the glories of the internet I am now the proud owner of a 24″ x 48″ table that folds in half and has a handle I’m supposed to be able to carry the thing with.

I opened my new treasure yesterday, complete with “made in China” on the box, and a scuffed up middle section.  The telescoping legs don’t easily fit into place, but the rods are snug enough, and I’ll be able to set up and pile on books without a worry.  Not exactly as easy to operate as the street merchants who have one-button briefcases that pop-up into wondrous displays of stuff you neither want nor need, but come home with just the same, but I’m happy.

Plus, I bought a table cloth. Another Kirt suggestion.  I bought one of those micro-fiber, everything-beads-up-on-it kind of cloths and stitched on daisies for a little decoration.  Get it? Daisy Arthur? Daisies?  Heh, heh.

Thing is, the daisies came on a roll, and I stitched too many close together before I realized that for six or seven dollars you only have a limited supply of the appliqués. Oops.  I’ll rearrange the little flowers after my first book signings, which are coming up this weekend.

Won’t you come to my book signing?

I’m signing at two events this weekend.  What a thrill!  On Sunday, I’ll be at a private party that a friend of mine in hosting.  We’ll even have mimosas.  Pretty cool.

Saturday from 2:00 to 3 or 4, I’ll have my first signing, with Mike Befeler at the Broadway Book Mall and Who Else! Books.  If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you.  Butterflies are already in full wing within the confines of my stomach, but I’m looking forward to the event.

Open for book signing business

And if you have a book club, or other group that likes to read, I’d be happy to work with you on a presentation.  We can talk about the craft of writing, life in Littleton Colorado, or even dog training and behaviors.  Let’s brainstorm together.  Please visit my “Contact Me” page and we’ll be sure to put something nice together just for your group.

Author book signing table

Ready to sign!

After all, I have a table and tablecloth now.


7 thoughts on “Open For Business – My Book Signing Table Is Here

  1. You have to provide your own table? I have so much to learn. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could attend your booksigning this weekend. I’ll have to get your autograph another time. I hope you and Mike have a huge crowd of eager book-buyers!

    • Hi Cathy,
      It was a warm group, if cozy. Mike and I had a great time and I hope this starts us off in a good direction. Didn’t need the table yesterday, but am going to a signing today where it will be important to have. Amazing what authors need to do for “shameless self-promotion!” Wishing you well.

    • Oh those pets! They’re the important ones after all. Thanks, and hope to see you one day at a signing or other event. Best to you always.

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