Making Time For Writing – Using A Timer

Timer, watch and schedule

Time is worth managing.

Every writer should have a set amount of time daily to express the thoughts and images of their imagination.  For me, I have the luxury of an hour a day. Still, that time quickly runs out.

One of the things I’ve noticed when I write, is that if I’m worried about the time I have, then I get less done.  The solution?  A timer.

Yep.  That simple little gadget that’s found in most kitchens across the land is a great way to get more done.  When you set a timer, you know it will remind you when you have to go switch out the laundry from washer to dryer, or go pick up kids from school, leave for the office or any number of activities.

The timer allows  you to forget about the clock, so that you’re free to think about how George, your hero, is going to save Esmerelda from the boiling tar pit that she’s being lowered into by the nasty peoples of Whatchamacallit Mountain.  When your mind is free to think in any direction with regard to your story, you can come up with better and more abundant ideas than if you’re constantly checking your clock to see if you have to move on to your next obligation.

In short, the timer lets you focus.  And when you’re focused, good writing happens.

Ding! There goes my timer, and so must I.  Hope this tip helps.