If It’s August It Must Be Western Welcome Week

Western Welcome Week

Main Street shuts down and livens up for Western Welcome Week

Western Welcome Week in Littleton Colorado is one of the big public events of the year.  Parades, events of all sorts, even visiting dignitaries from Australia were on hand for a chance to make friends and see the sights in our little town gone major suburb.  I didn’t personally participate in a lot (there’s this thing called “work” to do), but I broke away from my desk for enough to enjoy a taste of Littleton from a new perspective.

State Senator Linda Newell gives tribute to Bega delegates

State Senator Linda Newell gives tribute to Bega delegates

First, I went to the Littleton Welcomes Sister City Bega (pronounced Bee-Gah) Australia gathering.  Every time the calendar hits a three or eight in a decade, Australia sends a delegation to Littleton to share a portion of our life in the States.  From my standpoint in the crowd on Thursday, it looked like approximately 20 delegates had made it over.  The delegates stay in host family homes and for a week share our lifestyle in the West.  The official gathering for this event was in–you guessed it–Bega park.  I haven’t ever really traversed the park before, but there is a large concrete map in the middle of this area that has big stars for Littleton and Bega.  Hey, I would have been satisfied knowing how to pronounce the word, Bega.  I drive by the park all the time.  Who knew it was so cool?  Next time this happens, I understand Littleton will send a delegation to Bega, and visit “Littleton Garden” there.

During the celebration, State Senator Linda Newell was on hand to help with the speeches and give two organizing members of the Australian delegation, Barb and Robert Westimicott (please forgive my spelling here, I’m very rusty on my reporting skills and didn’t talk to the Westimicotts) a State Senate Tribute.  The tribute recognized the Westimicotts and their delegation for helping to strengthen the “invaluable relations” between Bega and Littleton and aspire to “peace and prosperity for years to come.”

On Saturday, I slipped away to see all the excitement on Main Street, with many not-for-profits selling food as fundraisers, and artisans and others setting up booths in the hopes of getting their name out and being part of the general celebration.  Even with temperatures in the mid-90s, there were plenty of people at booths, and listening to live music. Kids wandered with parents to see such things as other kids in the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol, gifts by Angel Concept, and the great people of the Colorado Center for the Blind.  At this booth, I was given a sample of braille typing–in my name. Fantastic!

Colorado Wolves at Western Welcome Week

Spooky (front), Rocky and Yukon with owner Cody on Main Street, Littleton.

And not every “citizen” of Littleton is the two-legged kind.  A man named Cody, brought his pets with him to enjoy the day, and drew a crowd of his own.  His pets, Spooky, Rocky, and Yukon are wolves.  Take that, New York city!  The wolves were incredibly tame, though Yukon particularly stole my heart as he squeezed between Cody’s legs trying to avoid all us scary people looking at him.

Okay, so Western Welcome Week isn’t quite as big as a Superbowl.  It doesn’t compete with a national political convention for excitement.  BUT  I think this event reminds me that being part of a community, no matter the size, is living at its finest.  I learned that good people of all kinds live right near me and I’m looking forward to being a part of this community for a while to come.

Yep, I think you could say I love Littleton, and am enthralled with my little way of life here.

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol at Western Welcome Week

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol at Western Welcome Week