Daisy Update: Publishers Weekly Review, New Cover Art & More …

Publishing is such an exciting adventure! I’m thrilled to update you on Daisy’s progress.  After some of your feedback, Faith on the Rocks has an updated cover, Publishers Weekly has weighed in on the content, and Writer’s Digest has indicated they’ll be doing an article on yours truly. Wow! Can you tell I’m ecstatic?  Here are the details:

Publishers Weekly

PW is one of the “big four” in the book review business, according to Slate Magazine.  “It plays Coke to Kirkus’ Pepsi” said author Adelle Waldman in an article about the book review business.  To get a good review from PW is a big step in promoting your book.  Here is the quote I received via my publisher yesterday:

Publishers Weekly Review 4/5/13
This title publishes JUNE 2013
. . . entertaining first novel . . . Gabe, the single father of one of Daisy’s special-needs students, lends some romantic interest . . . cozy fans will look forward to seeing more of Daisy.
If you’d like to see the whole write-up please visit this portion of the Publishers Weekly site.

Another Review – Joan Johnston

For those of you familiar with Joan Johnston, New York Times best-selling author of such books as Wyoming Bride, A Stranger’s Game, and Outcast, this prolific and generous writer agreed to read my book.  Here is her review statement:
“Malik shows great promise as a debut novelist.    Her characters are fun and quirky, and I kept chuckling right through to the end.  A great read!”

Edited Faith on the Rocks Cover

I think the final straw was when a religious zealot thought I was “one of them” and handed me a save-the-world kind of flyer.  I’ve passed on your cover comments about Faith on the Rocks not conveying the mystery portion of the story, and my publishers at Five Star Publishing, bless their hearts, responded.  Hope you like the edits:

Writer’s Digest Mention

I’ve subscribed to Writer’s Digest since 1979 or so. When I was younger I read about how subscribing to WD had helped many an aspiring author get into print.  Today, WD has a section called “Breaking In” for first novelists.  My picture and book will be a part of this section in the July/August issue, thanks to editor Chuck Sambuchino.  Whoo Hoo! I think this fulfills a huge dream I’ve had since I bought my first WD book, “Magazine Writing Today” by Jerome E. Kelley.  I can still see that book sitting on the shelf at The University of Michigan’s bookstore, “The Cellar.”  It took a few paychecks to save enough extra funds to invest the $9.95 for my dream to take really off.  Even before that, I’d bought WD magazines off and on for years, and submitted children’s stories (without success) while I lived in England.
Today, fame and fortune may not quite yet be mine, but there is a big part of the “dream-fulfilled” feeling to my life.  And thanks to you, your feedback, and your support, the dream lives on. I’m on chapter 24 of Sliced Vegetarian and plan to finish the first draft of this book in June.

What I’ve Learned

For those of you who aspire to writing, keep going.  I’ve been dabbling with this craft since I wrote the Weed Tree Camp Newsletter and edited Vaughn Elementary’s monthly “newspaper” in the mid 1960’s.  If I can do this, so can you.
Writing is a craft worth learning, a voice worth letting out to the world, a dream worth pursuing. and a hope for tomorrow. As human beings, we have been given the gift of story, and it is up to each of us to tell our own portion of that story.
Have a great writing day.

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    • Thanks so much, Catherine! I’ll look for great things from your first novel later this year. With warm regards, Liesa

  1. AWESOME!!! No wonder I thought your book was so good – I’m in fine company. I’m thrilled – and you were always a star to me!

    • Linda, you are the best! I am so lucky to have you for a sister and a friend. Thanks.

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