Contest & Celebrating

As of 12.7.14 – 7:00am – I don’t have two winners yet-there’s still time to enter! Send me your trivia answers (Liesa @ all abuzz .net) & I could be sending you a book bag from Bouchercon!

Don’t know if you’re like me, but I tend to like to do things early–especially when it involves opening presents.  Just to make sure your fingers and wrists are in shape for the holiday unwrapping season, and celebrating my 200th blog post a couple of weeks early, here’s a trivia contest for you:

Bouchercon Book Bag - Grand Prize

Bouchercon Book Bag – Grand Prize


I have two prizes for this contest.  They are gifts from my Bouchercon experience.  Hope you like them:

  • Grand Prize — Bouchercon canvas book bag with two books.  This bag is pretty cool, with a zipper top and enough room to hold a bunch of books or other treasures within.
  • Second Prize — An Agatha Christie book bag with open top and again, plenty of room for hauling good stuff.  On the back of this bag is a marvelous quote: “Oh dear, I never realized what a terrible lot of explaining one has to do in a murder!”–Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie Book Bag Prize

Agatha Christie Book Bag Prize

Rules of the Game

I know there are all sorts of rules and regulations about age of contestants, and not being members of the company etc. that go into every contest.  Please follow them as best as you can. Then, please understand that this contest is limited to the United States, because there are more rules, regulations, and expenses when you go outside this geography that I can’t begin to understand.

  1. Answer the three questions below to the best of your capability and as quickly as possible. Along with your answers, please provide me your first and last name, and a complete address of where to send any prize you might win.  I would also like to add you to my mailing list–but don’t worry.  I only send mailings via email, and my goal is to do a quarterly newsletter beginning January 2015.  I don’t have the bandwidth for bugging you more.
  2. Send your answers to Liesa at All Abuzz dot net (that’s .net NOT .com in the right email format)
  3. Wait for the winners to be announced next week. (By entering, I’m assuming you allow me to use your first name and the state you come from in my blog post about this)
  4. That’s it.  The winners are the first two people to send me the correct answers.  My email tracks received dates and times, and yes, I already know the answers. I hope you have fun with this.


  1. What was Anthony Boucher’s full legal name? Hint: “Boucher” was his pen or pseudo name.
  2. When and where was the first Bouchercon?
  3. Who is the main suspect in Liesa’s upcoming novel, “Sliced Vegetarian?” Hint: the answer is on this website.  Oh, and just to let you know, Sliced Veggie will be out August, 2015.

I hope you have a good time with this trivia challenge and an even better time throughout the holiday season.

Talk with you next week.