A Littleton Autumn

I have always been fond of the autumn season. As a kid, it meant school starting, Halloween, and crunching through dry leaves.  There were great times meeting friends I hadn’t seen all summer, going to the cider mill with my family, and color everywhere.  My folks would occasionally go for drives with all eight of us stuffed into the station wagon (this was before the ubiquitous mini-van had even been dreamed of).  Dad would exclaim and point out some fire-like looking tree and mom would exclaim and draw his attention back to his driving.

In my younger adult years living in Tampa and then in Dallas, the fall season didn’t have such drastic changes.  But here in Littleton, Mother Nature has come out with a pallet of color and charm that steals my heart away.  The trees are brilliant in a range of reds, greens, oranges and gold.

Fall in Littleton, CO

Seasonal change is in the air.

I think autumn makes me feel generally wistful, like my body knows another year is coming to a close, and I am about to “lose summer” once more.  The golden sun rays are just that–rich and inviting, all the while too  elusive, and storm clouds build, and temperatures drop.  I can’t go out on my back deck with the dog in the morning any more.  Fewer leaves to hide my fashionably frumpy pajamas, and temperatures that discourage rather than encourage my attempts at doing push-ups and other morning blood stirring.  But the days are still full of sun and promise, here in Littleton.

Another great thing about living in this town is the chance to watch birds.  I know. I know. Birds? Really?  You need a life, Liesa.

Birds at Chatfield, Littleton, COBut my friend, I have to say, nowhere else have I enjoyed the fluttering in the skies as I have here.  In Littleton, I can see the tiniest hummingbirds (spring and summer) to the largest Canada geese. I’ve seen Bald Eagles and magpies.  There is color, flight, drama, and more in the bird community.  Apparently, Colorado is part of something called the Central Migratory Flyway, which brings a large variety of birds through our area, and this time of year provides a great opportunity watch them.  I wrote an article last week on birds and birding for my client, DeckTec (the post is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday), and enjoyed interviewing a local Wild Birds Unlimited for the post.  One of my favorite quotes from store owner Scott Menough was that “you don’t have to know birds, to enjoy watching them.”

Audubon Society, Chatfield State Park, Littleton, CO

Knock, knock. Nobody home.

During my research, I also stopped by the Audubon Society at Chatfield.  Unfortunately, the place was closed while I was there, but the birds didn’t seem to care.  They were everywhere, and flitted about a variety of feeders for my personal enjoyment.

I love it when the season and the weather draws attention to itself.  For a brief moment I feel that Mother Nature is still in charge, and the seasons are rolling in at just the right time and in just the right way.  No worries about climate change when you stand in the crisp autumn air and see the birds flitting about.  The scratch in my throat (an annual bronchitis visit that lasts a few months) is another response to the season change.

And for one brief morning moment, I feel that all is right in the world.

What about you?  What’s your favorite season?  Do you do anything special outside in these last days of warmth before the winter chill sets in?

Wishing you a week full of color, movement, and inspiration.


8 thoughts on “A Littleton Autumn

  1. Birds. One of my favorite subjects. My favorite season in Phoenix is October. That’s it. Just October.

  2. Hi Liesa. I love the fall, too. I love the colors, the brisk weather, the crunchy leaves, the anticipation of all the holidays, the football season!, the scent from my neighbor’s fireplace, the balloon decorations people put on their lawns. I even love the gloomy, rainy days and the end of daylight savings. And I love birds- even the turkey vultures that sometimes show up in the neighborhood.

  3. I love hummingbirds, and keep a feeder up for them all summer. The finches have developed a taste for the sugar-water, too. It is with a measure of melancholy that I take the feeder down in the fall. But I love the crisp autumn air, the trees changing color, and the feeling of gathering in and preparing for winter. The Aiken Audobon Society has a fundraiser selling calendars with bird photos by local birders. A friend of mine had a photo selected for the calendar (May).

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